Peak Brain Performance

Would you have a better life if you could:


  • Increase your focus and attention;
  • Reduce stress and anxiety;
  • Improve the quality of your sleep;
  • Experience a heightened sense of satisfaction and joy; or
  • Increase your cognitive and physical performance?


If so, you may find it interesting to know that looking at your brain activity can help you understand why performance levels in all these areas can be lacking.  Life experiences, like physical or emotional trauma, intense or long-term stress, illnesses, or toxic environmental factors can cause the brain to become set in patterns of survival that are less than ideal. These patterns can negatively impact many things in your life including: your level of happiness, physical performance, executive performance, motivation, ability to focus and learn, metabolism, confidence, and management of stress. 


Of course, learning the cause isn't terribly helpful if there isn't a solution available.  That's where we can offer even more great news; there is a solution!  Peak Brain Performance offers brain performance assessments and optimization sessions to help you live your best life. We also offer relaxation services that can help relax and balance the body and mind. Take a look at our Solutions & Services to learn more.


Our Services

At Peak Brain Performance Health & Relaxation Center, we want you to experience a new way of living. We don't diagnose, provide treatments for specific illnesses, or offer a prognosis for any diagnosis you may already have. Instead, we can help harmonize and balance your brain and teach your body how to relax, which allows you to function at your very best. Our services can help you achieve an optimized state that allows you to function most effectively, which ultimately benefits your health and well-being.



To learn how we harmonize and balance brain waves, click here.

About Us

Peak Brain Performance is all about helping people live the healthiest and most fulfilling lives possible. Research of several challenges that friends and family members were experiencing led Lisa Witherow to study more about how brain function relates to different physical conditions. Fascination with neurology soon grew into dedication - especially after learning about Brain State Technologies(TM).


Lisa holds licensing through Brain State Technologies(TM) and uses their technology to offer clients the best possible sessions. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Otterbein College and a Master of Science degree from Franklin University. In addition to certification as a Brain State Technologist, Lisa is also a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. Lisa can be contacted via email or phone with any questions or comments you may have. Please view the "Contact Us" tab at the top of this page for specific contact information.