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We are a licensed provider of Brain State Technologies(TM) brain training, also referred to as Brainwave Optimization. We use the patented equipment from Brain State Technologies(TM) to observe brain activity and determine the imbalances. The initial brain wave assessment along with your goals and experiential data is then used to identify the ideal protocol that will help optimize and balance your brain activity.  These protocols are then experienced through relaxing sessions while additional brain activity data is gathered. The brain training is made even more effective with our ability to review progress throughout each session.


For new clients, we highly recommend an Intensive, which includes 7 to 10 two-hour brainwave optimization sessions and a follow-up assessment performed about four weeks after the last session. This is best for the client because it allows the newly developing neural networks to become more established and all areas of the brain to have ample session time.  The ideal schedule for most clients is two sessions a day on consecutive days.



Following an Intensive, some clients choose to do more sessions to address additional goals, achieve even higher function, or reinforce optimized function. To meet these needs, we offer additional session packages.



Intensive Program                                                                 $1997

Includes 7 one-hundred-minute sessions or                           (Now $1700)

10 seventy-minute sessions and a

follow-up Assessment


Initial Assessment and Review                                               $250

                                                                                        (Now just $97)


Individual Extended Session (established clients)                      $245



3-Session Package (established clients)                                     $700



10-Seventy-minuteSession Package                                      $1700



Trial Package                                                                           $250

An abreviated assessment and a half-session

allows you to learn more about your brain and

experience the process.


Neuro Relaxation Session                                                        $275

A full, two-hour session is a relaxing experience for

the brain and body. Long-term effects are not likely

after only one session, but if your goal is relaxation,

this is a great option.





PEMF, also called Electromagnetic Therapy, offers powerful health benefits and is extremely relaxing. These sessions help reduce inflammation, promote circulation and also benefit the central nervous system by calming the body. 


Basic Session - 30 minutes, one area or full body                         $35



Extended Session - 45 minutes, one area or full body                  $45



Custom Session - 50 minutes, two areas (may include                 $60

full body)


Package of three 30-minute sessions                                       $75





These sessions use sound and vibration to quiet the body and achieve a position of healing. Perfect for people who have a difficult time relaxing, sleeping, or need support during a recovery from illness.


Basic Session - 30 minutes                                                        $35


Extended Session - 60 minutes                                                 $60





These sessions allow you to recline in a massage chair and take in optimal levels of oxygen to rejuvenate the cells in your body and brain. Also a great way to support your body in preparation for high endurance sports, or recover from intense sports or a cough and cold.


Basic Session - 30 minutes                                                        $35




INFRARED SAUNA                       


Experience the relaxation of an infrared sauna session while it promotes detoxification of your cells. If your primary goal is to release accumulated toxins or address a recent exposure, we can customize a program that will maximize your release.


       Single Session                                                                           $50


       Package of three or more                                                          $40 each


       Custom Detox Package                                                              Price Varies




30-MINUTE CONSULTATION                                                           $75


Clients and families with questions are welcome to

schedule time to discuss issues and needs.


Contact us any time with your questions, comments and scheduling requests. We look forward to hearing about your needs and discussing how Peak Brain Performance can help you.



ONE HOUR EPIGENETIC CONSULTATION                                      $250


One of the greatest health advantages we have is information about ourselves. This consultation offers a review of your genetic testing and the opportunities you have to best support your health. This review requires your genetic data in advance of the appointment and may be done by phone or in person, for your convenience.