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Thanks for taking the time to read about Peak Brain Performance. I was led to this work from the time that I was just a child. I wasn't necessarily fascinated with the brain as a kid, nor did I do amazingly well in biology or chemistry. But, from the earliest time that I can remember, I knew that good health was a moving target for most people. I learned early that there was a tipping point for everyone, and some reached that moment way too soon and had little understanding of what upset the balance.


When I was three, my Mom was gone, and the explanation given was probably what destined me to do this work. "Her body just couldn't continue to live anymore. She was too sick." My Mom was just 29-years-old when she died from adrenal cancer. What drives my mission to learn about, teach and support good health is: I need to know that she did not lose her life in vain. Not only should I learn what to do differently from her loss, WE should learn - in honor of my Mom, your loved ones, and the hundreds of thousands of people who have become ill and never fully understood what contributed to their struggle.


Knowledge of our individual needs and preventative care are critical for health - including education, relaxation, detoxification, and maintaining a balanced system. If you need help finding any of these things in your life, I'm honored to help.






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